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In computer interface design, a toolbar is a graphical control element on which on -screen buttons, icons, menus, or other input or output elements are placed. In compatible browsers, an edit toolbar can be automatically displayed with the edit box, provided that this has been set in the preferences. It appears. An in-development toolbar extension for Mozilla Firefox that recreates Wikipedia's navigational links, such as "history", "watchlist", "discussion", etc. in the form of  Toolbars for Wikipedia - External tools - Direct wikipedia search.

The article explains the technical details of customizing the toolbar. . type: ' button', icon: '//  Basic setup - Configuration structure - Default sections - Adding things. In compatible browsers, an edit toolbar can be automatically The wiki administrator must enable it in the file; users can. This toolbar speeds up navigation and editing of Wikipedia by making the most common of Wikipedia's page functions always conveniently.

Tools you select will appear on the toolbar when they're actively available for use (for example, "Delete" will not show up when you are on Wiki Activity). The toolbar is a bar for modeling tools. 3D Warehouse SketchUp Wiki · 'Metro Exodus' Feels Like Gaming's First Bonafide Fallout Challenger FANDOM. English[edit]. English Wikipedia has an article on: toolbar · Wikipedia. Toolbars in a wordprocessing application toolbar (plural toolbars). (graphical user. A tool bar is a graphical presentation of commands optimized for fast access. Typically, a tool bar contains buttons that correspond to items in.