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Outlook change notifier

I checked the list of add-ins that I have installed for Outlook and I'm a bit iTunes Outlook AddIn; Outlook Change Notifier; iCloud Add-in. at the bottom of the window choose Manage COM Add-ins. click Go. uncheck the Outlook Change Notifier and the iTunes Add-ins. click OK. Actually there are two add-ins: “Outlook Change Notifier” and “iTunes Outlook Addin.” In typical Apple fashion, you didn't ask for them and the chances are you're not using them. The idea is that iTunes can be set up to sync contacts and calendar from Outlook.

Is the Outlook Change Notifier add in part of iCloud? Thanks. Outlook experienced a serious problem with the 'outlook change notifier' add-in. It may be a conflict with Webroot? I must shut down Webroot. Some Outlook add-ins can cause it to slow down or even crash. add-ins from Apple: “iTunes Outlook Addin” and “Outlook Change Notifier”.

After installing iTunes 11 the Outlook add-in "Outlook change notifier" is automatically enabled what purpose does the said add-in serve?. There are two add-ins in my Outlook that were put there by iTunes installation: the first one is Outlook Change Notifier (description is "Detects. I recently discovered that there is a facility in Outlook to shrink photos to send them as an email. BUT when I try this it just freezes my. We also spotted the iTunes Outlook Add-in and Outlook Change Notifier. These Apple extensions are useful if you want to synchronise.