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Human circulatory system.ppt

Introduction to the Human Cardiovascular System Dr. Rakesh Kumar Verma Assistant Professor Department of Anatomy KGMU UP Lucknow. Humans and other vertebrates have a closed circulatory system: This system consists of the heart (pump), series of blood vessels and the blood that flows. The circulatory system is responsible for the transport of water and dissolved materials throughout the body, including oxygen, carbon dioxide, nutrients, and.

Circulatory System. The Body's Transport System. The Circulatory System. Consists of organs and tissues that transport essential materials to body cells and . In human beings, the blood, kept in motion by the pumping of the heart circulates While the circulatory system is very efficient, it is still subject to various. Transportation system by which oxygen and nutrients reach the body's cells, and blood vessels work together to form the circle part of the circulatory system.

8. metabolic wastes. Functions of Human Circulatory System. Chp. 8. The Human Circulatory System. 4 chambered heart; Arteries; Capillaries; Veins. Arteries. Introduction Humans and other vertebrates have a closed circulatory system: This means that circulating blood is pumped through a system of vessels This. Blood is moved through blood vessels by the heart's action. It does not come in direct contact with body organs. Why does an open circulatory system limit body. 28 Feb - 3 min - Uploaded by SliderBase Circulatory System Visit our website: Free PowerPoint.