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Mpeg-4 aac decoder for fedora 17 download


Mpeg-4 aac decoder for fedora 17

Installed Fedora18 on ThinkPad. Videos is requesting MPEG-4 AAC decoder plugin inorder to play video. Running YUM. The same can be said for' "MPEG-4 AAC decoder". I've looked all through Yum and searched for these files. I can't find anything. I downloaded. Fedora Linux Users. On Mon, 25 Jun + 郭 灵贤 wrote: > How to install MPEG-4 AAC decoder.

The post explains step by step instructions on how to install the missing audio and video codecs on Fedora Example: FFMPEG, MPEG, etc. but it says i need MPEG 4 AAC decoder and h. In the case of Fedora, multimedia extras are available from unofficial but defacto repository at. Bug - Videos unable to play mp4 missing mpeg-4 aac and h gstreamer are installed (which I yum installed it in fedora 17 also).

Unable to play the file mpeg-4 AAC decoder, H(Main Profile) decoder are required to play negativoorg/multimedia – Michael Hampton Mar 25 at Most of these codecs are proprietary and non free which Fedora Installing codec plugins for gstreamer enables all those players to 4. Install libdvdcss. Libdvdcss enables media players to play encrypted dvds. sudo dnf config- manager --add-repo=http://negativoorg/repos/ ubuntu-restricted-extras package allows users to install ability to play popular non-free media formats, including DVD, MP3, Quicktime, and.